As Christmas approaches, we start to see more people attending events, heading to markets and shopping on our high streets. Public vigilance at this time of year is vital when it comes to keeping everyone safe, so we’re reminding people to keep an eye on what’s happening in their cities, towns and villages. 

This toolkit contains…

The Purple guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events

“At the National Counter Terrorism Security Office we are focused on keeping people safe through our approaches and projects with partners. We are proud to be…

If you’ve seen or heard something that could potentially be related to terrorism, trust your instincts and report it. Your actions could save lives.
Certain chemicals can be used in the illicit manufacture of explosives or to cause harm. To reduce the risk of harm from these substances the Poisons Act 1972 sets out the obligations that suppliers have in relation to regulated and reportable substances.

A suite of documents intending to guide managers in the selection, procurement and management of appropriate body armour for their civilian security staff.
How will you embed the desired security behaviours and culture in your organisation?
PortSafe is a collaborative approach between law enforcement, first responders, partner agencies and industry to provide a bench mark of security within UK maritime commercial ports and port facilities.
There has been a significant growth in the legitimate use of drones over recent years. This is anticipated to increase as the potential uses of drones continue to develop. Please read our full article to understand your rights, insurance requirements and policing powers in regards to drones and more.

The modern world can feel like an increasingly dangerous place. The use of vehicles as a weapon to injure and kill people has become a real threat, which means people who operate and drive commercial vehicles need to act. It is vital that…