Our counter terrorism e-Learning page offers online courses and educational resources to enhance knowledge and awareness on effectively countering terrorism and protective security enhancements.

ACT in a BOX

Our interactive digital exercise enables businesses to rehearse and explore their response to a marauding attacker within the premises or area, and enhance their preparedness.


Our Digital Toolkits typically contain a range of resources and assets related to counter-terrorism, which businesses can download. These may include informative documents, social media guidelines, videos, infographics and more to enhance awareness, understanding, and preparedness in dealing with terrorism-related situations.


The Department for Education have worked in collaboration with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) and sector partners to produce a range of free resources that can help all those working in education settings and relevant security leads to understand how to keep learners and staff safe from terrorism and other major incidents. 

faith e-Learning

Explore how to keep your community and your place of worship safe in this multi-part learning programme.