The use of vehicles as a weapon remains a realistic possibility, amongst other forms of attack covered later in this document. Vehicles are widely available and easy to use with devastating effect. Consequently, driving a vehicle into a queue or crowd is a low complexity attack and easy to initiate.
Understanding the threats facing your business or organisation will ensure protective security measures are proportionate, effective and responsive.

The UK faces a range of threats from terrorism, espionage and hostile foreign states. Understanding the threats facing a business or organisation will make sure protective security…
Other threats include the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.
The UK faces a serious and challenging threat from terrorism, but recognising early indicators of an attack can reduce casualties and save lives.
1. Introduction

Managing the risk of terrorism is only one part of a manager’s responsibility when preparing contingency plans. Such plans may be in response to an incident or event, either within or near their premises, which may inadvertently…

1. Introduction

Physical security is important to consider when protecting against a range of threats and vulnerabilities, including terrorism.

When planning the introduction of any physical security measures, it’s imperative both safety…

Documents and information that explain how to secure hazardous materials.
The UK is a high priority espionage target. Many countries actively seek UK information and material to advance their own agendas.

The potential impact of successful State-sponsored espionage against the UK is both wide reaching and significant. The threat of espionage (spying) did not end with the collapse of Soviet communism in…
NPSA's (formerly CPNI) page provides information and advice on the most concerning and relevant threat scenarios currently facing UK government and industry.
When considering public health and safety, local authorities should seek to ensure a balanced consideration for security implications, particularly the risk to groups of people from interaction with hostile vehicles, and the creation of large crowds in new public spaces.