The ProtectUK Digital Toolkit provides a range of downloadable resources and assets to promote the ProtectUK platform, app and ACT Awareness e-Learning within your organisation or publicly.
Every winter millions of people around the UK take part in a range of events and festivities, often involving public spaces and venues that we know can be attractive targets for terrorist activity. Now in its third year, Counter Terrorism Policing’s Winter Campaign aims to build on the success of previous year’s campaigns.
With a summer full of events such as Pride, Wimbledon, cricket, bank holidays and marathons, we need to consider the part we can play in keeping everyone safe.

Counter Terrorism Policing’s Summer campaign aims to encourage businesses and the public to trust their instincts and report anything that doesn’t feel right.
Communications resources around REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE
This summer will see millions of people across the UK enjoying themselves at major events such as music festivals, sporting events, bank holidays and Pride.

Unfortunately, we know that these events and venues could be attractive targets for terrorist activity. That’s why we are collaborating with event organisers and businesses…