The Purple guide to Health, Safety and Welfare at Music and Other Events

“At the National Counter Terrorism Security Office we are focused on keeping people safe through our approaches and projects with partners. We are proud to be supporting this chapter of the Purple Guide and recommend this chapter to all partners and organisations who support us on our mission to counter terrorism.

Collaborative working continues to support our efforts, and is showcased through products such as our ProtectUK platform and ProtectUK app. The guidance in this chapter offers useful and detailed recommendations, considerations and advice that can help save lives” – Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.



Terrorism is not new to the United Kingdom (UK). Terrorists have targeted events for many years. On occasion they have been successful, killing and injuring many in the name of their cause.

This chapter is to inform event organisers and users of the Purple Guide about how and where they can get assistance and what steps they can take to make their event safer for all and a less attractive target to terrorists.

The full Purple Guide is available here.

The Events Industry Forum is a not-for-profit organisation made up of event industry trade associations and representative organisations. 


Key Points:

  • Make sure that threats, including terrorism, form part of the event security risk assessment

  • Understanding the threat facing the event is key to ensuring that protective security measures and mitigations are proportionate, effective and responsive

  • It is essential that event organisers fully check the operational competence of those advising them on counter terrorism

The challenge faced in countering terrorism is most effectively managed when planning, event management, incident response safety, security and service are reviewed together.

Event organisers have an obligation under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to provide a safe place for their employees to work and for the visitors to their attractions and events.

Consideration of the risk posed by terrorists must form part of the considerations under this act. It is essential, for corporate governance, to ensure that all threats have been considered and appropriate measures implemented to manage the exposure to risk. It must be recognised and understood that assessing general event risk is different to assessing security risk. It is essential that the person carrying out this task is competent. 

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