Installing alarms and CCTV on your property will serve as added protection and a deterrent to possible thieves. You can install a detection system that uses:

  • sensors fitted to doors, windows or gates

  • passive or active infrared to protect internal spaces and dual sensors incorporating PIR and microwave

  • vibration and audio detectors

More sophisticated systems might use detection systems in the ground or on perimeter fencing and can combine CCTV with video motion-detection software.

The detection system should be reliable, fit for purpose and linked to an alarm system that will alert the site operators or the police (through an approved alarm-receiving centre).

Should a CCTV system need installing read the advice in the ‘Protecting your assets’ guidance.


Alarm systems

Alarm systems fall under two types:

  • monitored alarm

  • audible-only

Monitored alarm

A monitored alarm will, in addition to sounding an audible alarm (if required), send a signal to an alarm-receiving company who will notify the police or key-holders.

Systems should conform to:

  • BS EN 50131;2006+1:2009 (refers to standard of system)

  • BS 8243:2010 (standard of installation)

  • BS EN 50518 (standards for the alarm-receiving centre)

If a police response is required, the alarm should also comply with the NPCC policy on security systems.

Audible-only alarm

An audible-only alarm will sound upon activation, serving to deter an intruder and attract attention.

Systems should conform to:

  • BS 4737-3.0:1998 or

  • BS EN 50131-1:1997 (which relates to wireless alarm systems) 

The police will not attend an activation of an audible-only alarm, unless there are other factors that support it as a genuine alarm (such as the sound of breaking glass is reported).

Alarms and CCTV Image

Any alarm system should have at least two key-holders

They must be:

  • familiar with the alarm controls

  • able to grant access to the protected area

  • contactable by phone

  • available to attend within 20 minutes

The local crime prevention officer can offer more advice about installing an alarm. Find out more about security alarms and security publications.

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