The events in Ukraine have shocked the world. As we heard more about the tragedies the country faced, we also heard stories of the support other countries and individuals offered. 
Advice for the public on the steps they can take to keep themselves safe in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack.
Effective physical security of an asset is achieved by multi-layering different measures. The concept is based on the principle that the security of an asset is not significantly reduced with the loss of any single layer. Each layer of security may be comprised of different elements of interdependent systems.
Personnel and People Security comprises an integrated set of policies, procedures, interventions and effects which seek to enhance an organisation or site’s protective security.
Understanding the threats facing your business or organisation will ensure protective security measures are proportionate, effective and responsive.

The UK faces a range of threats from terrorism, espionage and hostile foreign states. Understanding the threats facing a business or organisation will make sure protective security…
See, Check and Notify (SCaN) is a free training programme that aims to help organisations, venues and events maximise safety and security using their existing resources.
Access real-time information from Counter Terrorism (CT) Policing plus the latest protective security advice available at your fingertips 24/7 – wherever you are.
We look back at the 41st Security and Policing Event, and the showcasing of the ProtectUK eco-system.
Following the vast amount of interest after our Workshop Wednesdays collaboration article last week, we now have two new Workshop Wednesdays that you can register your interest in.