The ProtectUK Analysts give an insight into terrorist use of Vehicle as a Weapon (VAW) attacks.
In this article, we take a look into the latest insights on the threat from Islamist Terrorism.
… fire in attacks (colloquially known as ‘Fire as a Weapon’ (FAW) for decades. No special skill or training is required … Whilst there have been no LASIT attacks in the UK using FAW in the past 5 years, the tactic has been used by …
The threat of a terrorist attack by firearm in the UK is not likely, but it is important to understand how the threat of firearms may impact you or your business.
Northumbria University have explored the impact of NaCTSO’s public offerings, including any unintended consequences. With collaboration from:

Dr Paul Dresser
Professor Mike Rowe
Dr Jamie Harding

Whilst the likelihood of a terrorist attack is relatively low, it is important to understand the varying levels of complexity that an attack can manifest.
The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University have provided insights on the relevance of ‘EVIL DONE’ to the current UK threat landscape. With collaboration from:

Professor Rachel Monaghan
Dr Bianca Slocombe
Professor David McIlhatton
Professor John Cuddihy
Extreme Right-Wing Terrorism (ERWT) describes those involved in Extreme Right-Wing activity who use violence in furtherance of their ideology. These ideologies can be broadly characterised as Cultural Nationalism, White Nationalism and White Supremacism.
In this article we take an analytical look into the threat from Blunt and Bladed Force Weapons.
In this article we take an analytical look into the threat the UK faces from drones.