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Counter Terrorism Policing’s Summer campaign aims to encourage businesses and the public to trust their instincts and report anything that doesn’t feel right. We want to reassure the public of their safety and give them the confidence to share their concerns with security, which helps to keep everyone safe.

In previous years we have worked closely with the organisers of the Rugby League World Cup 2021 and the Commonwealth Games, to enhance Security-Minded Communications at these events and enhance safety measures. 

Summer Campaign


Enhancing Protective Security:

Through targeted messaging based on years of award-winning campaigns and awareness raising, the campaign reminds and encourages the public to stay alert and share any concerns with security. By encouraging people to remain alert and report their concerns, we strengthen the overall security posture and minimise potential risks.


Fostering Safety and Resilience:

Security-minded communications create a reassuring atmosphere, making people feel safe  and confident during summer events. By promoting a shared responsibility for safety, we encourage community resilience and normalise coming forward and sharing concerns with staff and security.



The summer campaign's emphasis on vigilance and protective security enhances safety and deters potential threats at summer events. By empowering individuals to remain alert and share their concerns, we collectively contribute to creating secure and enjoyable experiences for everyone. Our full list of available resources can be found on our Summer Campaign 2023 Digital Toolkit.

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Summer Campaign
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