Counter Terrorism Policing wants live music fans to #BeSafeBeSound, as it collaborates with the UK’s music industry to deliver vital safety advice to the public.
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As Christmas approaches, we start to see more people attending events, heading to markets and shopping on our high streets. Public vigilance at this time of year is vital when it comes to keeping everyone safe, so we’re reminding people to keep an eye on what’s happening in their cities, towns and villages. 

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With the UK hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in Liverpool on behalf of Ukraine in May 2023, the number of visitors to the area from around the UK, visitors arriving from different countries and celebrations around the country means crowded spaces and large crowds are a potential target for terrorist activity. 
The Coronation of the King and The Queen Consort will be celebrated with events across the country between 6 – 8 May. This includes the ceremonial events in central London, 30 large screens showing the Coronation live across the UK, a concert in Windsor and local community events.