This advice will provide advice to security managers of Publicly Accessible Locations following a change of the threat level to CRITICAL. There are a number of operational and tactical options to consider.
NPSA offer guidance to help practitioners determine the vehicle-borne threat, assess site strengths and vulnerabilities, and identify suitable options for HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation).
The National Vehicle Threat Mitigation Unit (NVTMU) is a specialised police unit operating within the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).

Made up of subject matter experts, the unit have a wealth of experience in the deployment of temporary vehicle security barriers; they understand the methodology behind Vehicle…
This document outlines a set of options which can be used by the private sector and security industry to enhance the wider national security posture at times of raised threat or in response to a terrorist incident.
Implementing the SCA should lead to fewer security-related changes being required at a later stage. It also reduces the chance of repeating mistakes that may have compromised security in the past.
A gunshot detection system is typically comprised of one or more sensors (optical and/or acoustic) that accurately and reliably detects live ammunition (gunshots) being discharged.
Active access delay systems seek to disorient and delay attackers.
The advice contained in this section is intended to assist Returning Officers to develop a security plan to avoid major disruption to the election process. The recommendations will not be applicable in all cases and should be regarded as a menu of options that could be implemented, taking into account the nature of the threat together with the…