If you receive suspicious item call 999 and ask for the police. Clear the area immediately. Do not attempt to open the letter or package. Avoid unnecessary handling. Keep it separate so it is easily identifiable.
Whether it is responsibility for security in one department, or managing a security portfolio of global assets, some key protective security principles are common to all.
The SCaN For All Staff module is designed for all members of staff across an organisation venue or event, to increase their awareness of hostile reconnaissance and how they can help to help counter it.
This page is a dedicated space for security managers to utilise the SCaN tools and guidance available and tailored for security staff.
Good housekeeping is important as it can improve the safety of your premises, reduce the opportunity for placing suspicious items, and can help you manage false alarms and hoaxes.
If you or your work premises hold, keep or use stocks of specified disease-causing micro-organisms and toxins, you need to inform the Home Office.
Information to remind farmers about the need to secure their fertiliser and to report thefts and losses promptly.

Secure your nitrogen fertilisers using ACT’s 5-point plan
The perimeter of a site is one of the key locations where physical security measures and controls can be applied to protect both users and facilities. Without proper thought, the perimeter can become a significant vulnerability.
1. Introduction

The UK is the heaviest user of ammonium and ammonium nitrate-based fertilisers in the world and since the 1970s, nitrogenous fertilisers have been misused to make home-made explosives. The blending, storage, transport and use of…

Physical security technologies often converge into a security control room and, while individual technologies may be working, the control room may not be effectively using this information.