The Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University have provided insights on the relevance of ‘EVIL DONE’ to the current UK threat landscape. With collaboration from:

Professor Rachel Monaghan
Dr Bianca Slocombe
Professor David McIlhatton
Professor John Cuddihy
… bypass authentication procedures to access systems and to prevent their presence from being detected. Cross-site … an attack floods a system’s resource, overwhelming it and preventing responses to service requests, which reduces the … content with the branding of mainstream media outlets to prevent identification and bypass Facebook’s hashing …
What is a directed or enabled terrorist attack?

A directed terrorist attack is one that has been carried out by terrorists trained, funded, and logistically supported by terrorist groups, predominantly those based overseas.

An enabled terrorist attack is one carried out by terrorists who have received some support…
Evidence-based policing (EBP) means the best available evidence is used to inform and challenge policing policies, practices and decisions. As the terrorist threat evolves, this important approach ensures that the work NaCTSO undertakes is effective, collaborative and responsive to the problems we face.
We look at the threat that organisations and individuals face from Left-Wing, Anarchist and Single-Issue Terrorism (LASIT).
The ProtectUK Analysts give an insight into Terrorist use of Fire in Attacks.
… previously had contact with authorities such as the Police, Prevent, Prison and Probation services or Mental Health …
Whilst the likelihood of a terrorist attack is relatively low, it is important to understand the varying levels of complexity that an attack can manifest.
The ProtectUK Analysts give an insight into terrorist use of Vehicle as a Weapon (VAW) attacks.
In this article, we take a look into the latest insights on the threat from Islamist Terrorism.