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Whether you’re at home, at work, on the move or online, our guide to personal security provides advice on how to stay safe.

Personal Security at home and at work:  

In today's world, there are many potential threats, from criminals to extremists who want to harm us. It's important for each person to take responsibility for their own personal security. While we can't predict or control everything that might happen, we should make personal security a priority in all areas of our lives.

Have you considered?  

  • Does your profession make you or your place of work an attractive target? 

  • Is there information to suggest that you, your family or associates are at risk of serious harm from specific threats? 

  • Have you, your family or associates been targeted in the past? 

The Blue Book: A Guide to Personal Security provides advice on how to stay safe at home, at work, on-the-move and online.

Today, our lives are more interconnected than ever, and the lines between our personal and professional lives have become increasingly blurred. Many people now use their personal social media accounts for work-related purposes, and the same devices used for personal activities are often used for work as well. This means that we must recognise the importance of considering our own personal security and taking steps to improve it. By embracing this mindset, we empower ourselves to navigate the world with vigilance and preparedness, thus mitigating risks and ensuring our well-being.


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Personal security whilst working away from home: 

Ensuring our personal safety whilst travelling or working away from familiar surroundings is of paramount importance. Taking the time to conduct research about the destination you are heading to is a positive step in building awareness of possible risks and provides understanding of places less familiar to you. 

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) advises travellers to refrain from posting information before or during their trip on social media. This will increase both travel safety and security at home.  

It is important that all travellers know the local equivalent of 999 in an event of an emergency.  

The threat from terrorism can affect anyone, anywhere, and learning to prepare prior to travelling could save lives. Stay Safe Abroad with RUN HIDE TELL has been produced to provide stay safe information for both tourists and staff.


Being safe abroad approaching officer for help

Personal security online:  

Social networking sites serve as excellent platforms to stay connected with family and friends, as well as to share updates about your life with the world. The internet, in general, is a valuable resource for information, with popular applications like Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, and Instagram, among others.

Avoid putting other people at risk by seeking their consent before posting any photographs of family, friends and colleagues on social media sites. 

It should be good practice to not reveal your occupation, home or place of work on any published photographs and get into the habit of regularly reviewing your account settings on all your social media sites. 

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