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This checklist has been created to assist businesses during periods of increased visitor footfall within the retail and night time economy premises, such as the lead up to the New Year and national holidays. During this period we can see a significant increase in the number of people visiting retail and night time economy premises. This checklist will help to ensure that the right protective security measures are in place.
checkbox Review your Security and Business Continuity Plans
checkbox Identify your risks, based on the current threat
checkbox Increase staff vigilance: Ensure all staff are fully briefed to positively engage with customers and report any suspicious activity to security or police 
checkbox Enhance your security presence where appropriate and consider staff patrolling in high visibility clothing
checkbox Security officers should have a visible presence, clearly display their ID badges and be briefed
checkbox Review your Emergency Assembly Point
checkbox Review and communicate any emergency/evacuation procedures to staff and ensure all necessary equipment, including first aid supplies, are readily available
checkbox Review Evacuation, Invacuation and Lockdown procedures. Ensure that you have plans for vulnerable staff and visitors and designated marshals to support this activity
checkbox Check the ability to control access points to your premises
checkbox Check CCTV is fully operational and that you have available staff members who are trained to operate it
checkbox Unattended Items: Ensure staff understand how to respond to unattended items. Do staff know the HOT principles?


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