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There are a number of security considerations that need to be made both by those planning and those running for elections.

This collection of guidance provides advice on good security practice for candidates and those in local authorities. Much of this advice will be relevant all year round.


For candidates we recommend that you read:

  1. Cyber security guidance for individuals in politics - advice on how to protect against common cyber attacks seen against individuals in politics.
  2. Joint guidance for candidates in elections - advice on recognising and responding to intimidatory behaviour.
  3. Online Security Information for Candidates May Elections - guidance from social media platforms to secure your account and how to report incidents of online abuse.
  4. CyberAware - guidance on how to stay secure online, including access to a free, tailored cyber action plan.
  5. Social Media: how to use it safely - guidance on using privacy settings across social media platforms to manage your digital footprint. The ‘spotting and reporting fake accounts’ section may be of particular interest.
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Security video for election candidates

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ProtectUK is sharing a safety and security video which has been created for candidates in the upcoming general election. It highlights where you can access relevant security advice and guidance that may be helpful to you during an election period and beyond, and promotes three key security messages, “be alert, plan ahead, and know what to do”. More detailed advice and guidance can be found at Security guidance for elections - GOV.UK (


If you are a Returning Officer, or are helping run elections for your local authority, we recommend that you read:

  1. Cyber security election guidance for local authorities - advice on good cyber security practices to protect systems that support elections.
  2. Election security for polling stations and counting venues - guide to assist Returning Officers with the physical security arrangements needed for elections.

The Electoral Commission has updated its core guidance for Returning Officers to support the delivery of the May 2024 elections. 

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