… A PAcT First Aid Kit should be:  located in areas to which the public have access available for use by any person  A PAcT First Aid Kit should be easily identifiable and clearly … 2 6 CPR Face Shield     2 7 Indelible Marker Pen 2 8 PAcT First Aid Kit Aide Memoire 2 … Beyond the Health and …
Teacher guidance and lesson plans Key stages 3 and 4
This document delivers facilitator guidance and a session plan for youth organisations.
… and private sector organisations are encouraged to include PAcT First Aid Kits within the first aid provisions they … which improves an organisation’s first aid resilience. A PAcT First Aid Kit contains items that support the treatment … Every person should be aware of the location of a PAcT First Aid Kit, whether this is a member of the public …
This video shows the steps that should be taken by those who find themselves caught up in a terrorist event. it is a vital piece of learning material which can be used within schools and educational institutions, helping to prepare if such event takes place.
Advice for the public on the steps they can take to keep themselves safe in the rare event of a firearms or weapons attack.