… with the election. …   Security and search (Counting venues) Prior to the venue receiving ballot boxes, arrange … irregular intervals throughout the day.   Access (Counting venues) Certain people are prescribed by law as being … or unidentified persons in restricted areas. … Counting venues
… and responsibilities, providing safe and secure counting venues and polling stations as far as reasonably … warning. Terrorists are likely to favour ‘soft’ targets or venues and public spaces with little or no protective … local issues that could influence security The majority of venues used for local elections are unlikely to require any …
… a free training programme that aims to help organisations, venues and events maximise safety and security using their …
… of ballot boxes to or from polling stations and counting venues before the boxes are loaded or the vehicle is moved. …
This page is a dedicated space for security managers to utilise the SCaN tools and guidance available and tailored for security staff.
The SCaN For All Staff module is designed for all members of staff across an organisation venue or event, to increase their awareness of hostile reconnaissance and how they can help to help counter it.
This advice will provide advice to security managers of Publicly Accessible Locations following a change of the threat level to CRITICAL. There are a number of operational and tactical options to consider.
If you are alerted to a firearms or weapons attack, stay calm, RUN or HIDE, only when it is safe TELL the police
The use of vehicles as a weapon remains a realistic possibility, amongst other forms of attack covered later in this section. Vehicles are widely available and easy to use with devastating effect. Consequently, driving a vehicle into a queue or crowd is a low complexity attack that is easy to initiate.