This document outlines a set of options which can be used by the private sector and security industry to enhance the wider national security posture at times of raised threat or in response to a terrorist incident.
… vehicle access to shared spaces when queues are present in car parks, create a pedestrian safety zone by preventing or …
Good housekeeping is important as it can improve the safety of your premises, reduce the opportunity for placing suspicious items, and can help you manage false alarms and hoaxes.
The perimeter of a site is one of the key locations where physical security measures and controls can be applied to protect both users and facilities. Without proper thought, the perimeter can become a significant vulnerability.
A well-run control room can provide the fundamental principles of Deter, Detect and Delay.
Good housekeeping is an important part of your security regime by helping to reduce the opportunity for placing suspicious items or bags and helps to deal with false alarms and hoaxes.
The SCaN For All Staff module is designed for all members of staff across an organisation venue or event, to increase their awareness of hostile reconnaissance and how they can help to help counter it.
This guidance contains generic advice intended to encompass the security provisions for all elections. As such, it will need to be tailored to suit the type of venue being used. 
Implementing the SCA should lead to fewer security-related changes being required at a later stage. It also reduces the chance of repeating mistakes that may have compromised security in the past.