ProtectUK publication date

1. Do not spam in the forum

Spam is constituted as posting numerous posts of the same kind or aiming to disrupt the forums. Spam also constitutes commenting on posts with no relevance to the post. There should be no promoting of personal products or businesses. There should be no advertising on the forum. 

2. Do not ask for any personal details

Any request for personal details will be deemed as a major infraction of the forums rules and may subsequently lead to a ban. Any posting of personal details on the forum may lead to a ban.

3. Do not post or link to any offensive material

Please do not use offensive language on the forums or post anything that may offend others. Any infraction on this rule may lead to a warning or a ban. All forms of discrimination may lead to a ban of your account. Linking to any discriminatory material may also lead to a ban. ProtectUK is a community for security professionals and those interested in learning more on how to prepare and protect. 

4. Do not post questions that have already been posted

To ensure that there are clear topics that keep the conversation flowing, please refrain from starting a new topic if it has already been posted. The moderators may remove this post and direct you to an already active topic, or merge your post into an already discussed topic.

5. Remain respectful of other members at all times

It is vital that you respect other members of the forum. You must be professional at all times. Please ensure that any disagreements are explained clearly, not targeting other members in a negative way.
These forums are an open space for all users to have a fair discussion around the topics listed. Any infraction or action against these other members of the platform may lead to a warning or a ban.