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We look back at the 41st Security and Policing Event, and the showcasing of the ProtectUK eco-system.

This year the Security and Policing Event was once again hosted by the Home Office’ Joint Security & Resilience Centre (JSaRC) at the Farnborough International Exhibition & Conference Centre. The event has developed, bringing together more organisations and partnerships, demonstrating how collaboration has helped to change the world of security.

The Security and Policing Event is a notable point within the security and defence world each year. Throughout the three days, visitors heard from leaders across the field who have supported change across the country. This was also an opportunity to celebrate the successes of the ProtectUK platform after its first full year in operation.


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The NaCTSO ProtectUK team was on hand throughout the three days showcasing the platform to partners and businesses, gaining their feedback and getting them signed up. They were joined in the Government Zone by a team from the Homeland Security Group providing information and updates regarding Martyn’s Law.


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The event space was filled with innovation and exciting offerings. A stand out experience was the Operation Haystack, in which you were placed into an escape room environment and had to work in a small team in order to identify, locate and eventually foil a terrorist plot. This showcased various technological advancements for identifying fraudulent documents, facial recognition software and live location mapping technologies.

Throughout day two, Wednesday 15th March, the NaCTSO team presented and organised the High Risk Security Conference, comprised of national and international delegates focused on supporting National Security. This network consists of partners from the European High Risk Security Network and the Five Eyes community, sharing insights into the projects that are being worked on, and how each partner can support one another. 

The NaCTSO Business Conference took place on the third and final day of the event. The day was opened by Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Specialist Operations, Laurence Taylor speaking on the shared goals businesses and organisations should have to continue keeping the country safe and pointed towards the successes of the ProtectUK platform as a primary protective security resource.


Adam Thomson


There were also inputs from the Head of NaCTSO Superintendent Adam Thomson on the Publicly Accessible Locations approach which was supplemented by a session from the Homeland Security Group on a Martyn’s Law update. This was then followed by a panel discussion about the importance of collaborative approaches to combat the terrorism threat and increase preparedness across key business sectors.   

A new delivery method, following feedback from previous years, saw short “spotlight” speaker sessions from NaCTSO, ProtectUK, the CT network and partners in industry who gave insight on key topics such as the Competent Persons Scheme, Project Theraean, Research and Development Schemes of work and successes of engagement with ProtectUK.

In summary, Head of NaCTSO Superintendent Thomson stated:

“Each year the Security and Policing Event is a key milestone in the security and policing world. This year we have seen marked interest in the developing nature of the terrorism threat from our international security partners at our High Risk Security Conference. This conference brings together like-minded organisations, committed to combatting this threat through collaborative working and sharing of best practices. 

The NaCTSO Business Conference developed this year, following feedback from previous sessions. This allowed business partners to see how NaCTSO and the Counter Terrorism Policing Network have responded to their asks and suggestions in order to develop the advice and guidance provided. Once again, the Security and Policing Event has been a real success and I would like to thank all those who have engaged and collaborated with the NaCTSO team over the three days.”

The NaCTSO ProtectUK team would like to thank the Home Office and partners for their support during the event and look forward to seeing how companies and organisations continue to develop in the coming year. 

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