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To ensure our response and coordination across policing and with our partners is the best it can be in the event of a terror attack, we are continually learning and refining our skills.

As part of our ongoing internal professional development the National Counter Terrorism Security Office introduced the Protective Security Coordinator Course. This accreditation was made available to officers and staff working within the counter terrorism policing network in response to learning following the events of the Fishmongers Hall terror attack in 2019. 

Over five days lead decision makers, supporting officers, coordinating staff and engagement officers come together to understand different capabilities available to manage the initial response and protective security implications following a terror attack.


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What can you do to support us? 

There is information readily available on ProtectUK to help keep you and your business organised to implement the appropriate security measures, which will complement the work of first responders.   

Read our Security Risk Management process with supporting templates to help you take a systematic approach to keeping your organisation and people safe here 

Complete our award-winning Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-Learning and encourage other members of your organisation to take part to encourage security vigilance and awareness. Sign up or log in to your ProtectUK account and start the e-Learning

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