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Prepare yourself for an extraordinary event as the International Security Expo 2023 returns to Olympia London on September 26th and 27th. The Expo gathers industry experts, government officials, and academia. With over 10,000 visitors and 350+ exhibitors, mark this essential date in your diary as we focus on fortifying security measures and combatting cyber threats.

Ahead of the International Security Expo 2023, it’s now your chance to submit panel questions to representatives from the Home Office’s Homeland Security Group, Counter Terrorism Policing HQ, NaCTSO, and a local authority. This is a unique opportunity to hear from the experts about how we develop counter terrorism Protect and Prepare policy and how it can be put into practice. Submit your question via our SurveyMonkey link here: SurveyMonkey Powered Online Survey

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The Government Zone: A Hub of Knowledge and Engagement

Get ready to engage with the Business Engagement Unit from NaCTSO (National Counter Terrorism Security Office) in the Government Zone. Gain insights into current terrorism threats and discover low-cost, effective measures to protect your organisation against potential terror attacks. Emphasising the importance of challenging and reporting suspicious behaviour, NaCTSO will also discuss Counter Terrorism campaigns aimed at promoting vigilance among younger individuals, including young business professionals.


ProtectUK Content Feedback and Sector Specific Events

Join us in providing live feedback on ProtectUK content to enhance its effectiveness. Explore opportunities for collaboration in future sector-specific events, fostering a unified approach to tackle security challenges.


Conference Highlights: Gaining Insights from Industry Leaders

The International Security Expo will host conferences like the Global Security Conference and International Risk & Resilience Conference. Keynote speakers will discuss National Security Challenges, and a multi-stakeholder panel will delve into policy developments supporting Martyn’s Law, enhancing security measures at public venues.


Counter Terrorism Policing's Contributions

Discover valuable insights from Counter Terrorism Policing at the Expo. Explore resources such as the National Barrier Asset, Counter Terrorism Search Analysis System, Counter Terrorism Communications toolkits, and the National Canine Training & Accreditation Scheme, all geared towards supporting safer event and festival delivery.


Beyond Terrorism: Global Counter Terror and Cyber Security

Witness the growing significance of cyber security co-located with the International Cyber Expo. Engage in high-level discussions on serious and organized crime, global counter-terror strategies, and advancements in cyber security with experts from Microsoft, the FBI, NATO, and more, gaining practical takeaways and innovative approaches.


Join Us There:

The International Security Expo 2023 is a pivotal event uniting industry leaders, government agencies, and academia to strengthen security measures against terrorism and cyber threats. Register now to actively participate, gain valuable knowledge, and contribute to building a safer and more secure future. With free entry, seize this unique opportunity to make a difference at the International Security Expo 2023!

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