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The PSHE Association, in collaboration with the Department for Education and the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), has released new and improved ACT for Youth lesson plans to help young people protect themselves and keep safe in the event of a knife or gun attack.

ACT for Youth is aimed at 11–16-year-olds, and uses a film and activities to teach them about the three recommended actions to take during a marauding terrorist attack – RUN, HIDE and TELL.

While the chances of being caught up in an attack are rare, these free lessons provide vital guidance which can be applied to many places and situations, and will support security leads and teachers to better respond to terrorist attacks.

The two lessons — one for KS3 and another for KS4 — cover:

  • The three steps of RUN HIDE TELL and when it would be appropriate to use them
  • The importance of not using a mobile phone to take photos or film in the event of a knife or gun attack
  • How to identify suspicious behaviour and/or items, and the appropriate actions to take

The Department for Education has sponsored the review and update of these resources in collaboration with NaCTSO and the PSHE Association to ensure it aligns with current pedagogical methodology.

You can view and download all of the resources for free by visiting ProtectUK: