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Documents and information that explain how to secure hazardous materials.

Securing hazardous materials


All the documents below have been produced following extensive consultation with UK industry sectors leads, and with the Home Office, The Association of Chief Police Officers, National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) and other government departments.


Further information

Secure hazardous materials to help prevent terrorism


Secure your fertiliser


Secure your fertiliser


Anyone who handles or stores fertiliser should consider its security to ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands. The leaflets, the 5 point plan and guidance document below offer advice.

Secure your fertiliser

Security of fertiliser storage on farms

Selling Chemicals Responsibly

This leaflet and poster are to raise awareness among site operators about the ‘dual-use’ nature of hazardous products. They provide advice about ensuring that they supply those products to known customers, and encourage them to be more enquiring of new customers and to report suspicious enquiries to police.

Dual-use chemicals

Notify appropriate authorities

Managers and occupiers of laboratories and other premises must notify the appropriate authorities that they intend to hold, keep or use stocks of specified disease-causing micro-organisms and toxins.

Notifying your intention to hold pathogens and toxins