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PortSafe is a collaborative approach between law enforcement, first responders, partner agencies and industry to provide a bench mark of security within UK maritime commercial ports and port facilities.

There is no cost to join PortSafe – it is completely free of charge.

Membership is managed via the police team embedded within the Joint Maritime Security Centre (JMSC) who can be contacted directly via Registering with JMSC will ensure you are added to a mailing list for timely information updates and a quarterly newsletter. This is aimed at, but not limited to, those responsible for supporting commercial maritime, port and port facility. The police team within the JMSC are available to answer and questions or enquiries in relation to PortSafe.

Members are also encouraged to register to ProtectUK and  download and utilise the digital assets available within ProtectUK PortSafe toolkit.

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PortSafe is growing in prominence across the commercial maritime sector, enhancing security awareness within commercial ports and facilities. With an emphasis on mitigating insider threat, PortSafe encourages reporting on any suspected criminal or security related activity to Crimestoppers via the dedicated phone number or online reporting form.  

Information received by Crimestoppers will be 100% anonymous. It will be passed to the local police force for an immediate assessment of risk. Information will also be passed to the national Joint Maritime Security Centre (JMSC) for wider assessment and consideration by relevant law enforcement agencies and government departments.  

We encourage members responsible for security within ports and port facilities to share and promote PortSafe. Members actively engage with staff to report matters of concern via the dedicated reporting line or online reporting page – both are 100% anonymous. 

In partnership with Crimestoppers, two new animations together with a briefing pack have been produced to promote the initiative and associated benefits. Please visit Crimestoppers for more information. 

A range of further digital assets to promote PortSafe within commercial maritime ports and facilities are available to download for free at PortSafe Toolkit | ProtectUK 

For more information, please contact: 

Insider Threat

Insider threat is at the core of PortSafe, mitigating against:

  • Deliberate insider. Obtaining employment with deliberate intent of abusing access.

  • Volunteer/Self-initiated insider. Obtaining employment without deliberate intent to abuse access; at some point decides to do so.

  • Exploited/Recruited insider. Obtaining employment without deliberate intent to abuse access; at some point is exposed to exploitation or recruitment by a third party to do

PortSafe however is broader than insider threat, it encourages reporting on any other criminal or security related activity, giving assurance it is dealt by someone safe and totally independent; 100% anonymously.

Who can set up a PortSafe Scheme?

Whether you are a Port Facilities Security Officer, a Port Security Manager, a Security Team Leader or a Companies House Registered business, you can apply for a PortSafe Digital Asset Pack. This includes a detailed guide on how to register and introduce a scheme within your port or port facility, as well as an assortment of regularly updated digital media messages. This will allow you to implement PortSafe within your port or port facility in a way tailored to your business; whether you prefer printed posters or flyers, digital resources for your website/social media, or just some business cards.

You will also receive online access to all NaCTSO ACT services, together with information on how to access and implement the ACT Enterprise mobile application across mobile devices within your workplace.

How to set up a PortSafe Scheme?

Once registered, PortSafe members will receive an Information Guide and Digital Asset Pack which will support how to implement, promote and maintain a successful PortSafe scheme within their port or port facility.

Details on how organisations can enhance staff knowledge and awareness of security concerns through the benefit of PortSafe’s partnership with the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) is also provided.

Contact us

For more information or for any queries relating to PortSafe please contact the JMSC Police Desk during weekday office hours at

In an emergency call 999

To report via PortSafe powered by Crimestoppers hotline call 0800 141 2927

To report via PortSafe powered by Crimestoppers online click here

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