The modern world can feel like an increasingly dangerous place. The use of vehicles as a weapon to injure and kill people has become a real threat, which means people who operate and drive commercial vehicles need to act. It is vital that transport businesses adopt a responsible approach to security. The agencies, which are charged with protecting all members of society, have identified some simple and inexpensive procedures to assist operators, transport managers and drivers. That is why I am pleased to endorse the Department for Transport’s industry specific best practice guidance.

The guidance outlines the steps you can take to help keep the public and your organisation safe from attack.

The guidance covers:

  • security culture – including pre-employment checks for staff and drivers

  • site security – including vehicle access and operating centres

  • vehicle security – including checking vehicles and what to do if a vehicle is taken

It also contains a top 10 list of actions for commercial vehicle drivers.

Vehicle as a Weapon
Security Culture
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