Why is the content shown as locked? 

Users will need to complete the experience step by step. Each section will be unlocked as you move through the course.

Does it work offline? 

It is online only, there is no offline support.

Why does the experience keep stopping/lagging? 

We recommend users have a reliable, strong connection to avoid any disruptions which may affect their progress.

What devices does the experience work on? 

This should work on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. The latest browser version is recommended.

Can I complete the experience with a group? 

Yes. ACT in a BOX is designed to be completed in a group to encourage discussion and knowledge sharing.

What happens to the text I submit via the interactions? 

These are automatically generated into a PDF which you have the opportunity to download and save this at the end of the experience. Your responses will not be visible to NaCTSO.

Is the experience bookmarked so I can return to the same place? 

Yes, progress is bookmarked.

Is the experience available as a SCORM package for my organisation’s LMS? 

This product is only available on the ProtectUK platform at this time.


Who do I contact if there is an issue launching the experience? 

Please submit a support request via the ProtectUK platform.