ProtectUK registered users can complete the Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness and Security courses by logging in to their account and subscribing to the training.


Frequently asked questions

Q1. How do I access my e-Learning certificate?

After successfully completing each module in the course, users will be awarded a certificate which they can find on their user profile. 

Users can access their certificate by following these steps:

  • Log in to your ProtectUK account and go to your user profile

  • Your user profile will have a “certificate received” option

  • Click on this option and then continue to select “download”. Your certificate should be visible in a PDF format. 


If you cannot access the “download” button for your certificate, please follow these steps:

certificate help


Q2: Can I deliver the course to a group?

Yes. At the start of the course, there will be an option to either deliver the training to a group, or complete as an individual. 


Q3: Why is my progress not showing 100%?

All modules must be completed to the end. If you skip through each module without fully completing each activity, you will not successfully pass the course. 


Q4: Where can I find the ACT Security e-Learning course?

This course is now hosted on ProtectUK and can be found next to the Act Awareness e-Learning. 


Q5: Do all my employees need to sign up to ProtectUK to complete their ACT e-Learning?

No. Larger organisations can register via Highfield Learning for either a unique URL and pin or a SCORM package which can be placed in their own Learning Management System (LMS). 


Q6: Which browsers are most compatible? 

We recommend clearing browsing data and cookies and using Google Chrome for best performance.


Q7: Can I complete the e-Learning offline?

No. Users must be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular and logged in to their ProtectUK account. We recommend users to have a reliable, strong connection to avoid any disruptions which may affect their progress. 


Q8: Who is the e-Learning suitable for?

The e-Learning is suitable for all. It will assist those within organisations and businesses, as well as assisting the general public going through their day to day life. 


Q9: Does the e-Learning work on mobile devices?

The e-Learning is accessible via a mobile device. However, we do advise users to complete the e-Learning on a larger computer device. This will allow users to have a better learning experience.  


Q10: Do I need to complete the course in one sitting?

The e-Learning can be completed in one sitting, which should take around 60-90 minutes. However, you can resume your progress if you do wish to finish the e-Learning on another day. 

An updated version of the ACT Awareness e-Learning will be available on ProtectUK in mid-March. Please ensure that any incomplete course attempts are completed by this time to avoid losing progress.