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Summer tends to be a busy period for most organisations. The season brings an increase in tourism to cities and signals the beginning of key events such as a number of football finals, festivals, or this year the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee which will see gatherings held across the country. 

This summer we are anticipating an increase in public events and venues opening their doors with limited covid-19 restrictions. Due to the pandemic many events over the last few years have been postponed, cancelled or limited to crowds of specific capacities.

To support your business throughout the event season, we will be releasing a toolkit of internal and external materials. This toolkit will help to raise awareness among your staff, customers and visitors of the importance of remaining vigilant, how to spot the signs of a potential terror attack and how to report.

Your support in amplifying our campaign will be invaluable. 

In the meantime, to support your counter terrorism awareness, we would like to signpost you to some key guidance and resources that will help to continue to protect your business and customers.


Publically Accessible Locations Guidance – This guidance can help your business understand the various areas that should be taken into account when developing a security plan, and what risks your organisation should take into account. 

Recognising Terrorist Threats – To keep you and your staff safe, it is important that you can spot the signs of a potential terrorist threat. The guidance from NPSA (formerly CPNI) supports the recognition of critical indicators, and the knowledge of methodology that will allow for a timelier response and potentially reduce casualties.

ACT Awareness e-Learning – If you haven’t already, we recommend signing up to ProtectUK platform and accessing the award winning, interactive e-Learning, to help you increase your counter terrorism awareness. – If you believe that you have spotted something which doesn’t feel right, report immediately to 999 or online at 

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