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PortSafe, a national brand of security and safety within commercial maritime, has shared a set of updated promotional materials. PortSafe is an anonymous process for reporting concerns within your port or port facility.

What is PortSafe? 

PortSafe aims to support and encourage individuals working in or around UK ports to recognise when something doesn’t feel right and be able to report concerns anonymously. This can be done via the free PortSafe Hotline 0800 141 2927 or the online reporting form (powered by Crimestoppers) 


Why is PortSafe Needed? 

The UK Ports Industry is the second largest in Europe and handles over 500 million tonnes of cargo and over 60 million passenger journeys a year*. This can make a port attractive to criminals.   

Criminals can operate from outside the port but also from within, acting as an insider to facilitate criminal activities for their own or another person’s benefit. This can include exploiting vulnerabilities that can include staff, systems and processes. 

PortSafe's dedicated reporting service ensures that your concerns will go to the right people who will handle the issue with 100% anonymity.  

A recent PortSafe survey has shown that anonymous reporting is important to PortSafe members. The survey also showed that over 80% of members** had confidence that information provided to PortSafe would be dealt with appropriately. 


Who can set up a PortSafe scheme? 

Whether you are a Port Facilities Security Officer, a Port Security Manager, a Security Team Leader or a Companies House Registered business, you can access and download PortSafe digital assets for free via the PortSafe Toolkit available online at  PortSafe Toolkit | ProtectUK.  

This includes new animations and a guide on how to register and introduce a scheme within your port or port facility.  


Want to join as a member?   


You will receive quarterly newsletters with updates and access to a variety of online tools to help your port advertise PortSafe. We’ve recently updated our landing page and online toolkit with new posters, leaflets and an animation which explains what PortSafe is (short and longer versions of the animation are available). 

Are you interested? Take a look today at the PortSafe page

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** 33 member respondents to survey 
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