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Read the latest update from the National Cyber Security Centre urging the UK to bolster their online defences following the Russian invasion on Ukraine.

Following Russia’s further violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the National Cyber Security Centre has called on organisations in the UK to bolster their online defences.


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The NCSC – which is a part of GCHQ – has urged organisations to follow its guidance on steps to take when the cyber threat is heightened.

While the NCSC is not aware of any current specific threats to UK organisations in relation to events in and around Ukraine, there has been an historical pattern of cyber attacks on Ukraine with international consequences.

The guidance encourages organisations to follow actionable steps that reduce the risk of falling victim to an attack.

We would also encourage you to follow the NCSC’s social media channels: LinkedIn and Twitter for further alerts and updates.

More information on cyber security can be found below:

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