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The UCI Cycling World Championships will be hosted in Glasgow and across Scotland during the month of August, 2023.

The National Vehicle Threat Mitigation Unit (NVTMU) has been working alongside Police Scotland and local authorities to support the UCI World Cycling Championships in Glasgow. This will be the biggest cycling event in history, bringing together 13 individual cycling events into one cycling world championships, including BMX, indoor cycling, mountain biking, track and trials.


Glasgow Green Mclennan arch

McLennan Arch

The event takes place across several locations: 

  • Dumfries and Galloway 

  • Edinburgh 

  • Glasgow 

  • Glasgow Green 

  • Loch Lomond 

  • Stirling 

  • Nevis Range 


Barges Merchant city Glasgow

Barges in Merchant City


The NVTMU team have assessed the event sites to reduce the risk of a vehicle as a weapon attack and have been working alongside local authorities to protect the vulnerabilities across the city by deploying the National Barrier Asset (NBA).

To keep everyone safe, the NVTMU have deployed around 180+ Barges, 40+ Gates and 140+ Quick Moveable Blocks. These different types of mitigation measures, including barriers and barges, have been considered and implemented for the event across the various sites. Pedestrian steel barriers have been added around the city centre for crowd control and to ensure visitors can watch the event safely. Steel drop arm gates have also been fitted to allow for some vehicle access into controlled areas, while three-ton barges have been placed near bigger entry points around to city to protect high footfall areas. 


Glasgow George Square

Starting line - George Square

The extensive planning and security considerations for the event were initiated long before it commenced on August 3rd, including deployment of the various Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) measures across the city in July. 


Find out more about NVTMU

The NVTMU can offer advice on most events (including events in Publicly Accessible Locations which attract crowds) and provide the expertise to recommend several solutions to protect against a vehicle attack.

If you would like more information about their work, please visit The National Vehicle Threat Mitigation Unit page to find out more. 

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