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In an era of heightened security concerns, explosives detection dog (EDD) teams have emerged as an invaluable asset in enhancing public safety. Discover how these highly trained teams, with their exceptional scent abilities, play a crucial role in detecting explosives and preventing potential disasters.

Explosive Detection Dogs

The Remarkable Canine Sensory System:

We urge our readers to explore the remarkable sensory system of dogs and learn more about how their extraordinary senses enable them to identify even the smallest trace of explosives, surpassing most human capabilities.


Public and Private Sector Training and Accreditation:

Police, military and other UK Government EDD Teams are subject to annual accreditation. The National Canine Training and Accreditation Scheme (NCTAS) follows robust training against UK priority threat materials. 

There are also many private sector security providers which offer the services of detection dog teams. This prompted the opportunity to accredit those teams under The National Canine Training and Accreditation Scheme for the Private Security Industry (NCTAS-P). NCTAS-P allows private sector teams to be accredited under a Government Scheme.

For more information please visit: National Canine Training and Accreditation Scheme (NCTAS) – Private Security Industry (NCTAS-P)


Guidance for Businesses and Industry:

The National Protective Security Authority (NPSA – formerly CPNI) has gathered and produced guidance that outlines the key areas to consider when specifying, procuring and implementing EDD teams. This is intended to help businesses and organisations who are interested in utilising private sector detection dog services to understand the capability offered by each provider and ensure it addresses the operational requirements.

For more information please visit: 


If you are a UK based Detection Dog Service provider and want to be an affiliated NCTAS-P team, please apply here:

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