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With our first year of funding now in place, the CPS (Competent Persons Scheme) Team is starting to pick up momentum, taking our first steps towards making the Scheme a reality!

As many of you will have seen, the Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Draft Bill (also known as Martyn’s Law or the Protect Duty) has been submitted to Parliament for review, and like you, we have eagerly read it and will monitor its process through Parliament. Although our work at the CPS is not directly linked to the Bill, we do need to respect and take into account what its contents will be when passed.  

Whilst this is happening, we have started our stakeholder engagement, which will continue for the next few months. This is taking place at a series of one-day workshops across the UK to ensure we are producing a practical product to empower businesses when considering and enacting processes for the safety of their staff and customers. Our intention is to improve general counter terrorism protective security preparedness and supplement the larger, broad-spectrum security needs of businesses, regardless of size.  

At the same time, we are also progressing towards identifying a suitable Awarding Body to deliver our Competent Person in the Workplace (CPIW) Qualification. Once we have done this, our Awarding partner will identify trainers to deliver it in accordance with its Ofqual requirements. We will make all our announcements regarding which Awarding Body we will work with, here, on ProtectUK. Keep an eye out for updates later in the year.  

Additionally, we continue to research what the most appropriate way to implement the Counter Terrorism Security Specialist Register (CTSSR) will be. 

As ever, we at the CPS Team appreciate your patience and support as we design and start to build the Scheme. As you know, our intention is to produce the most suitable products to meet the widest range of needs.  

It will be the first NaCTSO-endorsed, Ofqual-certified CT qualification for the public.  This will be the first and only NaCTSO-endorsed register of CT specialists, providing business with the support they may need and that most suitable to their situation.  

So, thank you. Remember, the best way to stay up to date with all our announcements is to sign up for updates from ProtectUK, the single, authoritative source for all news CPS. 

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