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The 2023 festival season started with BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend and Creamfields this year, and as every year, we at Counter Terrorism Policing and ProtectUK, want live music fans to #BeSafeBeSound, as we collaborate with the UK’s music industry to deliver vital safety advice to the public.

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Counter Terrorism Policing and ProtectUK are working alongside music festivals and live music venues to ensure that the public remain safe and play a part in the wider security operation.

In 2022, the #BeSafeBeSound campaign reached over 10 million people and has been supported online and offline by over 50 festivals and venues to date including Glastonbury, The O2, Leeds & Reading Festival, BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Wembley Arena, and many more.

Counter Terrorism Policing and ProtectUK are encouraging live music venues and festivals to:

  • Empower music fans with safety advice via online and offline methods, such as: social media, websites, digital screens, email, mobile apps, and posters

  • Reassure music fans that they are safe and security checks are in place to ensure that they have a safe experience

  • Educate and encourage fans to report anything that doesn’t feel right immediately to security staff

  • Promote and support by using #BeSafeBeSound creative materials and become exemplars in security minded communications

  • Encourage staff at live music venues and festivals to take up Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) e-Learning training to recognise suspicious behaviour, understand what to do should a member of the public report something that isn’t quite right, and what to do should a terrorist attack occur

Campaign materials are available, at no cost, for your organisation, venue or festival to use on any appropriate communication platform.

Visit our dedicated #BeSafeBeSound page on ProtectUK and download materials for use on social media, in newsletters and on venue screens, with messaging to encourage attendees to stay safe and report anything to security.

There are a number of additional resources that can help support you in refreshing your knowledge on ways to counter terrorism:

ACT Awareness e-Learning: The award winning ACT Awareness e-Learning is a great resource that takes approximately 1 hour to complete. This e-Learning can support you in gaining simple knowledge on how you can help to counter terrorism. 

Recognising Terrorist Threats: It is important to know how to recognise critical indicators to all possible attack methodologies. This guidance from the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) can support you with early threat recognition, and furthering the understanding of the associated methodology. 

ACT Reporting: It is important to share where people can report suspicious activity. The ACT site is a great resource to signpost members of the public. 

We want to thank you for your support in helping music goers to #BeSafeBeSound.

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